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Prenatal Care & Obstetrics

Our obstetrical services include pre-pregnancy, pregnancy and post-pregnancy care plans for both normal and high-risk pregnancies.

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Thank you for considering our practice for your obstetrical care.

Dr. Don J. Nishiguchi (aka. “Dr. Nish”) and Dr. Jerry K. Izu have decades of experience helping women throughout the entire process. They will supervise and orchestrate all your care including the delivery of your baby.

We’re excited to be a supportive part of your growing family.

Our Prenatal & Childbirth Services

  • Safe pre-pregnancy assessment and counseling
  • Repeated early pregnancy loss for recurrent miscarriage
  • Early pregnancy genetic counseling for identifying birth defects and conditions
  • Low-risk pregnancy care with the expectation of normal uncomplicated birth
  • Pregnancy beyond 35 years of age with knowledge of the potential risks
  • High-risk pregnancy care (for multiple pregnancies)
  • Pregnancy complications from high blood pressure (from pre-eclampsia or diabetes)
  • Women with pre-existing medical problems such as thyroid disease, autoimmune disorders, kidney disease or cardiac disease
  • Operative obstetrics & caesarean section
  • Cord blood banking

What should you expect?

During each trimester, information regarding your pregnancy can change as your baby continues to grow. Therefore, it’s important to be aware of the different best practices and lifestyle choices that may impact the health of your child.

Stages of Pregnancy

1st Trimester

1 to 12 weeks

2nd Trimester

13 to 28 weeks

3rd Trimester

29 to Delivery

Medications During Pregnancy

Safe Medications

  • Mylicon for gas relief
  • Colace or Metamucil for constipation
  • Monistat (3 or 7-day cream) for yeast infection (only apply with fingers)
  • Robitussin (regular strength) for cough
  • Claritin or Zyrtec for runny nose and allergies
  • Cepacol for throat lozenges (sore throat)
  • Kaopectate for diarrhea
  • Calcium (1200mg per day)
  • Lanolin for sore, cracked nipples
  • Novacaine if dental work, must be double-shielded for x-rays

Safe Antibiotics

  • Amoxicillan
  • Ceftin
  • Keflex
  • Penicillan
For more details specific to your specific care, please visit your provider.
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Restrictions to Keep in Mind

Hair & Nails

During your pregnancy, you may get your hair colored or a perm after 12 weeks and only twice during pregnancy. You can always get your nails done but choose your salon wisely. You want to use less-toxic polish, be in a clean environment (since antibiotics to cure an infection is the last thing you want) and a well-ventilated space to limit the fumes you inhale.


Only eat fish a maximum of twice per week, but no swordfish, shark, sushi or crawfish. Sorry, but coffee is not allowed, however if it is a must-have, please only consume decaf or less than 1 cup a day.

Other Restrictions

You are generally safe flying until 28 weeks into your pregnancy.

Going to the gym is safe, but no high impact excercise. Low impact activities such as yoga, walking, low weight lifting for upper body (arms) are safe. During your third trimester you should avoid foot massages as it can stimulate labor.

No alcohol, cigarettes or drugs at any time during pregnancy.

Lastly, remember to take your prenatal vitamins every day and do not use the hot tub or jacuzzi during your pregnancy.